A toast to losing my job.

I lost my job yesterday. In the name of being frugal, I was going to return these. I just bought them and they were still in my trunk with the receipt. Well, today was unusually windy.  This morning I showed up at the office to clean out my stuff. I opened my trunk and a HUGE gust of wind stabbed (it was violent and direct) it’s way into my car and pulled the receipt clean out! It was like surgery! There is so much shiz in my trunk and somehow this receipt was the one thing the got yanked out! It was across the parking lot headed for the swamp before I could exhale. I shrugged and decided to keep the glasses. They are comfy a great size for juice, fancy enough for wine, dude enough for whiskey.

i dig a glass with comfy-base nubbins

Glasses, set of six. Mad by Bormioli Rocco, Italy. Found at Marshalls.

Wait a second . . . do these actually fit together?
Stacked and locked


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