Does that work? “Fab‘dict”? Definitely reads better, so be careful saying that one out loud. Ooooh, I got it!: “Daylignt Savings”? Get it? Cuz it’s about time AND a deal. I just ordered MORE stuff! I have the app now and push alerts for when new sales begin. I think I have to stop. I can’t stop. The Fab interface is just so juicy and clean. They know how to trigger my tactile desires. The only way I can act out these urges is to have these objects in my possession!!! Ok. This is good. I just sound sad. This is exactly the type of public-facing humiliation I’ve been needing.

This week’s tactile cravings come from paper. Thick, embossed paper! Created by Emily H. Martin of OrangeBeautiful—a super cute Chicago based boutique and studio. It’s been fun reading about Emily. Without Fab, I never would’ve been introduced to her beautiful eye!

And, look. It’s sold out! Now it’s even better.


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