Blue Velvet Shoes: Are they greener than suede?

These shoes are vegan. Other than being made with no animal products, I have no idea what that means, politically speaking. Were more toxins generated with the man-made materials than would be with leather processing? How will they age? Do they breath? I guess this varies by brand. There are plenty creating vegan footwear. In fact, there is a store full of gorgeous pieces in Cambridge! Sudo Shoes, on Mass Ave, just a few blocks from the Porter Sq T station. This place has such a nice collection of bags, purses, shoes and accessories that I only realized on my third visit there was no leather. I guess that’s a testament to the lac of plastic outgassing too! Anyhow, I picked these out because the color! It is a gorgeous shade of royal blue. They are cute, practical and comfy.

2 thoughts on “Blue Velvet Shoes: Are they greener than suede?

  1. Think it just means that no animals were hurt during the making of the shoe. Let me know if your feet can breathe in them-I have been wondering about that : )


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