5 Things Gone—Tiny Kitchen Things


November 3 — Five things I got rid of today (and why)

  1. Cow creamer (because although I love her, I’ve only used her 3x in 10 years)*
  2. Expired Plantain-infused Olive Oil (completely forgot about it. part of a  fundraiser-auction set. It’s been in my fridge for two years!)
  3. Old bottle of anchovies #1
  4. Old bottle of anchovies #2
  5. Pincer thingy (For test tubes. My father made me one of those spice racks! It’s great. But, this piece just isn’t needed)

*Sometimes we want to get rid of something but it is so hard to do! We have fear of regret. To help with this, I just started using a fixed amount of storage space in my basement. Cow creamer is there. The rules are, if she needs to come back, something else has to go. I want to get rid of things, but I also want to satisfy my need for loving new things to look at in my space.  So, I came up with the swap-out storage area as a test.  We shall see!

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