Day 4—The Insidious Weight of Itty Bitty Trinkets

Today was tough. It took a while to decide. I was not expecting this. It goes to show the power of the exercise. Look at these things. Nothing special. Would you want this junk? It’s obviously junk. It was also a mildly draining decision-making process to let it go.


November 4 — Five things I got rid of today (and why)

  1. Toothpicks (after cleaning this weekend I revealed three other full containers of toothpicks, Whu? What is it with me and toothpicks.)
  2. A dried out marker (I lost one of the caps. It was no longer an easy marker, I paid a couple bucks for it. I was in denial. I finally decided to let it go)
  3. Kitchen magnet set (Cute, but I wasn’t using)
  4. A piece of wine foil with an embossed sheep (Sigh. This is exactly why I ned to purge. Would you believe this was today’s most challenging decision? There’s no special meaning behind it, I just liked it. It really did nothing for me other than have me say “oh cute! cool wine branding”)
  5. A space-helmet key chain (I think this was schwag. It’s fun. I had it on a Fisher Price gal for a while. She looked cute, then I got over it. Goodbye space hat)

Here’s my November pact to purge

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