Girls of Summer

Can you tell that I’m slightly excited about warm weather making a comeback? I picked up these Wayfarer sunglasses (the metal details on only half the frame made this pair too-good-to-leave-behind) at Target this afternoon, and I can already picture throwing them on, and heading to the beach. A girl can dream, can’t she?

Image: Target

Spring-Inspired Marimekko Bathroom

It seems like I live at Crate & Barrel these days, and not just because I buy quite a few–OK, most–of my home accessories from there. (You know how, on Cheers, everyone yelled “NORM!” when he walked in the door? Well, that is sort of what happens when I stroll into my local Crate.) Anyway. This weekend, I was on the prowl for a breath of fresh air for my bathroom. Today’s weather was gorge (hi, 70+ degrees!), so I blame the spring-like day for this shopping splurge. My bathroom = Marimekko explosion.


This isn’t my bathroom, of course, but it helps paint a picture:

Image: Crate & Barrel