The Davis Flea

The Davis Flea. It’s how I got my shopping back!

After weeks of not posting I’m finally moved to shop again. (I guess I’ve just been loving my new job that much, so back off retail therapy). Premier The Davis Flea last Sunday and with a pocket of cash, there I am. This Sunday I return with a camera. Are you near Somerville? Check it out. It’s very cool. It’s well curated so the ratio of cool stuff is quite high. It brings the discovery of the rural fleas to the urban realm. Convenient. Alluring. Brilliant idea! Glad it’s here. Hope it stays.

Other event treasures include live music and fresh apple-cider donuts.

The Davis Flea, founded by Greg Ghazil, Jennifer Kniff and Maureen Nuccitelli

Flea finds from last week:

Hey, Hey

Here’s a little story for you: When I was around six or seven, I would race home from school in the afternoons simply so I could watch The Monkees reruns on TV. It never crossed my mind that this show was 30-plus years old, that the way-cute boy band members were almost senior citizens, or that my massive crush on Mr. Jones would never be reciprocated. I’ve had these DVDs for a few years now (actually, I have the limited edition boxed set because I’m just that dorky, but I couldn’t find a good pic online), and, as always, I maintain that this show was under-appreciated, quirky and hilarious…and these guys were way (way!) ahead of their time.

And let’s be real…how cute was Davy?!

Video: YouTube
Images: Amazon


Ben Kweller Flies A Kite

Technically, this isn’t shiz that I bought–the hubs gave it to me as a gift, since my love for Mr. Ben Kweller is akin to my love for patterns. (Which, if you’re paying attention, means that I’m a big fan. Huge, even!) Kweller’s new album “Go Fly a Kite” came out recently, and it’s–no surprise here–totally awesome. So much so, it’s on perma-play for me at work every day. Perhaps it should be on your list of shiz to buy. Just sayin’.

Image: Ben Kweller