DIY Shelves, Budget Library Nook

Mornings, this is the brightest spot in the house. Being right of the kitchen, it felt like the ideal area to create a coffee-hour reading nook. The space is 88″ wide, with windows on two sides, and an open wall/kitchen counter on the fourth side.

At Home Depot, I set out to find basic lumber (something I could lug home myself in a small hatchback). I stumbled upon stair risers! 45″ wide and $10/each for the pine variety. Grab’n’go size (plus slightly thicker cut) won me over. Simple brackets were found a few aisles over ($12/pair). Result, I was able to do this whole wall for about $175 (wood stain included).

Many of my thrift store finds (as well as the orphan curtain panel) have found there way into the nook. I guess it’s just a welcoming sort of place.
IMG_4890 Here it is, coming together. IMG_3964

Favorite Coffee Table Book

I’m a huge Charley Harper fan. So huge, in fact, that I sort of want to keep this amazing book on our coffee table at all times, just to remind all future house guests about exactly how awesome Harper’s art is. An Illustrated Life is a beautiful tribute. Plus, Todd Oldham(!), so duh.

Image: Barnes & Noble