Nesting on Main

I had my HS reunion today. It was sweet. Only way it could have been better is if more alumns showed. Catching up was fun. Time goes by so fast. I detoured through the Concord Center on my way home. I used to spend time there way back in the early ’90s. This time, mission to browse Nesting on Main (discovered here, on Shiz, via co-blogger C!). Worth it! Gorgeous store. Theme is that of the seashell hunt. At least, that was how I felt at every turn. I was a beach comber! Could have stayed there for hours.

Bingo digits.

As a nod of gratitude to my blog mate, a puzzle. Can she crack the code?20120721-202231.jpg

Lofty welcome.

The Davis Flea

The Davis Flea. It’s how I got my shopping back!

After weeks of not posting I’m finally moved to shop again. (I guess I’ve just been loving my new job that much, so back off retail therapy). Premier The Davis Flea last Sunday and with a pocket of cash, there I am. This Sunday I return with a camera. Are you near Somerville? Check it out. It’s very cool. It’s well curated so the ratio of cool stuff is quite high. It brings the discovery of the rural fleas to the urban realm. Convenient. Alluring. Brilliant idea! Glad it’s here. Hope it stays.

Other event treasures include live music and fresh apple-cider donuts.

The Davis Flea, founded by Greg Ghazil, Jennifer Kniff and Maureen Nuccitelli

Flea finds from last week:

Pictures in Chocolate

This is the kind of thing you come up with when you stay up ’til 2am.

I was sitting in my work room, annoyed with my computer. Waiting…. waiting…. waiting. Became focused on all my clutter, so I started thinking about how I should motivate myself to organize. I picked up the empty chocolates box I saved, cuz I found it potentially useful. Then, I thought about those square Hipsta photos in the other room, also just lying around. Eureka and voila! My pictures find a home, while some of my clutter finds purpose.

Lemon Pavlova

Today I bought lemons to make Lemon Pavlova. I’ve never done this! Part one achieved. Most delicious custard I’ve ever had. Recipe from Eating Well, Feb 2011. My goal, to get luxury satisfaction on a budget. I translate this into cooking (yeah, it won’t last. Fun for today!). I bought one organic lemon to use for the zest. I’m thorough like that.


Eau, Yes!

I so wish computers (or whatever device you’re using to read this) had scratch-and-sniff functionality right now. One whiff of Marc Jacobs‘s “Daisy Eau So Fresh” (see what they did there?), and my nose was in love. I’ve been searching for a scent that was light, fruity and perfect for spring. This is it! Plus the bottle is pretty. Win, win.

Image: Sephora