Shaking, it’s cooler than a stir

One of many things I learned as a result of stepping into Boston Shaker, Davis Square. First of all, bitters. Bitters are the joy and the flavor code to grasp for a truly remarkable cocktail experience.




Ginger beer. You either love it, hate it or like really really really really love it! I am that third category, which I hope is why I went way overboard and spent $16 on this highly recommended brand, Blenheim, from South Carolina. I’m sure it costs far less in it’s native land. But, if you’re a yankee and you want some spice, what are you gonna do? Oh. I just answered that. A true yankee would make her own. Sorry Dad.20121021-180038.jpg

And here’s the book that revealed to me why we might shake a cocktail vs. why we might stir. Home Bar Basics, By Dave Stolte. Appreciate this guide. It’s concise, informative, useful and rewarding. Dave Stolte, had an outstanding Manhattan last night. At this rate I’m headed for drinking at home on a fairly exclusive basis (unless it’s wine).20121021-180049.jpg20121021-180113.jpg

Barker and Mills cocktail cherries. Vanilla and bourbon. It’s dessert.20121021-180058.jpg

Lady in the shop, along with a familiar customer, made sure I understood to not only enjoy the cherries, but to use every last drop of the juice!20121021-180105.jpg

Now I just need to find a fun crowd, happy to sparsely sip. Most of us seem to know the glutinous glug. I’m a glutton. In this exact moment, I vow to explore the sip.


Kickstand coffee

I love this stuff! Learned about it from Last week I placed my second order straight from the source, Aaron Davis creator of Kickstand. Beautifully simple site too.

As you can see it was a hit with the ladies! I’d like to add we did have alcohol. There’s a wonderful white sangria from a Martha Stewart recipe (you can kinda see it in the counter clutter) yet we’re all gathered around the opening of the Kickstand! It was a hit and quite a conversation piece. Plus, nobody added sugar and very few added cream. The quality is just that good.

Burrr, Hot Coffee!

Shopping spree at Barismo yesterday yields ideal Sunday morn–complete with the sun part and a napping cat!

The Barismo folks have been telling me for a while that those common home grinders are actually bruising my beans. Buying into this strange detail (seemingly based on sensitivities), I imagine the flavors of bruised fruit vs. fresh fruit. Suddenly I’m horrified at my coffee-making process and I find it’s time to buy my own burr grinder. One pot in and I’m 100% thrilled with my choice. No bruised beans, yes, but furthermore more it’s a one button-automated system with convenient storage chamber and 40 degrees of grind control!



Pickles & a Sandwich

The weather has been gorgeous here in the Boston area! Just like summer but with naked trees. I guess it pairs with our October that looked just like winter, but with leafy trees. So confusing. To enjoy the day I went to the market and bought all kinds of fixins! I was craving a brie with green apples type thing, so I went with it. Then added on some other goodies to make it feel more like a vacation day. Then, cuz I’m spontaneous, it turned into a taste test of pricey pickles: Grillos vs. Real Pickles.

Try some chocolate tea.

Numi makes my favorite teas. Always flavorful, never hurts my stomach. You have to try Chocolate Puerh! It’s too obscure a variety for Whole Foods to carry, but If you live in the Boston area get it at Cambridge Naturals. As the box says its “velvety & vanilla”. Mixes great with cream and honey. A nice low-cal robust treat to shake off the cold ( i know, iknow, mild winter). Puerh is a variety said to be one if the most ancient in tea. Also said to help you burn fat, and ease a hangover.

Numi tea! Shown here with my favorite mug. It’s a one of a kind, made by my friend Belle.


Wine Club


The first Saturday of each month I get to pick up my two bottles of red from Menotomy in Arlington, MA!

Each wine comes with an insightful overview and recipe pairing. Frequently I’m exposed to varietals I’d never previously heard of. This month it’s Lemberger. According to the write up, it’s a cult classic!


Get Educated

I know, I know…you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover. But what about wine by its label? Still no? Well, when the label is this unique, I say judge away. Plus, when something is this cute and nerdy, the odds of me taking it home are pretty high…just ask my husband. So, needless to say, I was excited to pick up a bottle of Educated Guess, Roots Run Deep winery‘s flagship wine, and am looking forward to finding out if the inside is as fun as the outside. I’m thinking yes.

Image: Roots Run Deep Winery

A toast to losing my job.

I lost my job yesterday. In the name of being frugal, I was going to return these. I just bought them and they were still in my trunk with the receipt. Well, today was unusually windy.  This morning I showed up at the office to clean out my stuff. I opened my trunk and a HUGE gust of wind stabbed (it was violent and direct) it’s way into my car and pulled the receipt clean out! It was like surgery! There is so much shiz in my trunk and somehow this receipt was the one thing the got yanked out! It was across the parking lot headed for the swamp before I could exhale. I shrugged and decided to keep the glasses. They are comfy a great size for juice, fancy enough for wine, dude enough for whiskey.

i dig a glass with comfy-base nubbins

Glasses, set of six. Mad by Bormioli Rocco, Italy. Found at Marshalls.

Wait a second . . . do these actually fit together?
Stacked and locked