Small Bath Reno


Renovation is new to me, fixing and working with my hands is not. I try to balance pros and cons of money, time, ethical materials. I try not to trash perfectly good stuff in the name of “wish list” or “dream house” (like the wall and floor tile, and the tub). Here is the result of my DIY budget renovation. I give my ethical-materials rating a low score. In my dream reno, I would’ve bought everything from Brimfield Antique Fair or on Etsy and paid more in labor to have things retrofitted. Not to mention, significantly more time to locate just the right pieces.


  • Shelving/ledges (left of sink): $32
  • Medicine cabinet $211
  • Sink + Vanity $159
  • Faucet $59
  • Cabinet pulls $4
  • Shelf with hooks $0 (I had this on hand, sitting in a storage box for 2 years)
  • Towel rack $9
  • Fancy chrome lever for toilet $17
  • New toilet seat $24
  • Paint $6 (super cheap because I chose a color I already had on hand, Healing Aloe by Benjamin Moore. I needed a little bit more so I purchased a sample-sized can for $6 to complete the job
  • Materials (brushes, caulking, sandpaper and various blades for the multi tool, etc) $45
  • Picture frame, custom size (used behind the medicine cabinet to get it to sit properly) $46… it’s funny. I could have achieved the same effect with $3 in material, but the labor would have probably been around $40.
  • Curtains $19 (dishtowels from Paper Source)
  • Shower curtain $35 (not shown)
  • Shower curtain rings (the fancy kind) $14
  • Plumbing labor and Trash removal $200

TOTAL: $880 which greatly surprised me since I went into this thinking it would be less than $500. It’s all the little stuff. Devil is in the details with time and money.



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