Fab, Faulty

I’ve posted before about Core and their 60%+ discounts and been very happy with the measurement-embossed cut boards I found at a great price.

Bu’uuuhhttt . . .

This latest shipment was bunk! I paid $28 for a $90 lazy-susan, moveable-partition chip’n’dip! And another $28 for a $70 platter. What a deal right? Nah. These things is crap. Chip’n’ dip has a gluey-splintery construction (photo doesn’t really show the mess, but you get the idea). Tiered plate has poor construction and really can’t be assembled to spec.

And I’m curious about safety . . . both radiate some real stink! Toxic varnish or glue odor. Whatever. Main point, I call BS on Core’s pricing. More product info on two-tiered plate and chip’n’dip on Amazon.

Reasonable results

Fab did step up and agree to take my items back. Ok Fab, I’m coming around again. I guess I’ve just been putting a lot of pressure on you to always amaze me.

Prep Board that Measures

Well, here it is! This is what was in yesterday’s mystery delivery. Every now and then I get these bright ideas to be hyper organized. These boards were discounted 60+% on Fab. So, of course I bought three! One for me, two for gifts. Smart use of surface etching. It has a variety of diameters for rolling out crusts, linear measurement along the side, and a conversion chart in one corner!!! It’s so obvious. All boards should be like this.