Desk Week Day 4-Office Caddy


Sometimes you just want to plunk down in front of the TV to pay bills or write that letter to Grandma. This wooden caddy from Crate & Barrel (designed for cutlery) make the perfect portable desk drawer. I’ve filled mine with pens, markers note cards, a stapler, stamps, and security envelopes. Put on that House Hunters marathon and write your Grandma an Easter card (shucks! I should’ve taken my advice two nights ago.)

Spring-Inspired Marimekko Bathroom

It seems like I live at Crate & Barrel these days, and not just because I buy quite a few–OK, most–of my home accessories from there. (You know how, on Cheers, everyone yelled “NORM!” when he walked in the door? Well, that is sort of what happens when I stroll into my local Crate.) Anyway. This weekend, I was on the prowl for a breath of fresh air for my bathroom. Today’s weather was gorge (hi, 70+ degrees!), so I blame the spring-like day for this shopping splurge. My bathroom = Marimekko explosion.


This isn’t my bathroom, of course, but it helps paint a picture:

Image: Crate & Barrel

Dicey Dinners: Convenient Weeknight Prep

20 cubles of pre-minced garlic or ginger for $1.99! Frozen aisle, Whole Foods. This method is tasty, flavorful and allows for a fast weeknight sautee. Save time, not flavor.

Some peeps prefer to prep fresh on the weekends. For ginger I like mincing with the Microplane or even a traditional cheese grater. Fill an ice-cube tray with the pulp, keep in freezer, same kind of deal.

We all do take out from time to time (to time and time again). Stop at the market, get some fresh garlic and herbs. Order some takeout. For the next 15 minutes take out all your daily agressions with your big chef’s knife and cutting block. Then keep your fragrant wares in these cute-as-button storage bowls. Prep for tomorrow’s dinner complete.

Stainless prep bowls: Marshalls, Dishtowel: Crate&Barrel

Meet Kiki

I have a thing for vases. And by “thing” I mean deep, deep love. Especially adorable ones, like the Kiki Vase from Crate & Barrel (where, you’ll soon notice, I buy many, many things). I picked up three of these vases to adorn a naked, clearly unhappy shelf in my kitchen. This vase is perfect if you’re searching for a simple decoration that will still stand out. See for yourself:

Images: Crate & Barrel