Desk Week Day 4-Office Caddy


Sometimes you just want to plunk down in front of the TV to pay bills or write that letter to Grandma. This wooden caddy from Crate & Barrel (designed for cutlery) make the perfect portable desk drawer. I’ve filled mine with pens, markers note cards, a stapler, stamps, and security envelopes. Put on that House Hunters marathon and write your Grandma an Easter card (shucks! I should’ve taken my advice two nights ago.)

Desk Week Day 3-Business Cards

Moo’ve over flimsy paper! I love Again, it’s that tactile thing. They make the best self-promotion items. You can upload your own designs, or choose from any of theirs. They have gorgeous choices! The stock feels good enough to never let go of. My first batch was the Green paper they offer. My second the ultra premium (show in that big image below). All in all, both wins with their sharp packaging, not so much with the premium cards though. Seems nice for a card coupon or voucher, and largely overkill for a business card. Being pretty thick with no flex means it’s gonna be a bit high maintenance to whomever’s wallet it ends up in—not always a good thing.

Pretty packaging

Desk Week Day 2-Pens

Pens are fun! Especially felt tips in varying weights. I bought a multi pack with tip types: 01, 03, 05. It’s awesome! I doodle fat, I doodle fine. After that initial break-in period I recall another purchase and I doodle in color too! Now I run errands with 15 pens in my purse! Just in the name of being prepared for creative whims or something. It sucks, but it’s a nice problem to have.



Does that work? “Fab‘dict”? Definitely reads better, so be careful saying that one out loud. Ooooh, I got it!: “Daylignt Savings”? Get it? Cuz it’s about time AND a deal. I just ordered MORE stuff! I have the app now and push alerts for when new sales begin. I think I have to stop. I can’t stop. The Fab interface is just so juicy and clean. They know how to trigger my tactile desires. The only way I can act out these urges is to have these objects in my possession!!! Ok. This is good. I just sound sad. This is exactly the type of public-facing humiliation I’ve been needing.

This week’s tactile cravings come from paper. Thick, embossed paper! Created by Emily H. Martin of OrangeBeautiful—a super cute Chicago based boutique and studio. It’s been fun reading about Emily. Without Fab, I never would’ve been introduced to her beautiful eye!

And, look. It’s sold out! Now it’s even better.