DIY Shelves, Budget Library Nook

Mornings, this is the brightest spot in the house. Being right of the kitchen, it felt like the ideal area to create a coffee-hour reading nook. The space is 88″ wide, with windows on two sides, and an open wall/kitchen counter on the fourth side.

At Home Depot, I set out to find basic lumber (something I could lug home myself in a small hatchback). I stumbled upon stair risers! 45″ wide and $10/each for the pine variety. Grab’n’go size (plus slightly thicker cut) won me over. Simple brackets were found a few aisles over ($12/pair). Result, I was able to do this whole wall for about $175 (wood stain included).

Many of my thrift store finds (as well as the orphan curtain panel) have found there way into the nook. I guess it’s just a welcoming sort of place.
IMG_4890 Here it is, coming together. IMG_3964

Wallpaper! Damask! Accent Wall!

So, wallpaper…we’ve had such a complicated relationship. I used to avoid it at all costs, but now, I sorta love it. The husband and I are in the process of finding the perfect wallpaper for an accent wall in our guest room. The room is painted a deep-blue, almost-navy color. Here is what we think is going to be the eventual wallpaper winner. Mmmmm. I love me some damask.

P.S. Have you noticed that I seem to always be writing about stuff you can put on walls? Hmm.

Image: Home Depot