Tossing Basement Junk (Legally)

Sometimes we let garbage live in our homes, because we don’t know what else to do with it.

IMG_9913Today our Department of Public Works hosted Oil and Latex Paint collection. This was hugely motivating! I discovered nine containers of old old paint. NINE! It was just hiding out in the basement. Luckily I’m somewhat organized, and although the basement is a bit of a disaster, like items have been grouped together (that’s a good starter tip).

This is the type of thing so many of us hang onto because we don’t know what to do with it.  If you have things like this, find your town website. Look up the DPW (Department of Public Works) or similar. Find days with special waste-removal events (toxic waste, computer monitors, recycling, large trash items). Mark the days on your calendar. Block off time at least 1 week before to ensure that you’re prioritizing any time required for pre-work. (This morning I almost missed my drop off window because I didn’t give myself a comfy-cushion of time). Follow through with whatever process is needed. You’ll learn a little bit more about the workings of your town, and you’ll get rid of junk!

Best of luck, everyone!


200+ Things Gone!—Weekend of Nov 1 – 2


I spent all weekend going through things. I successfully donated 200+ items to Salvation Army and Somerville Homeless Coalition (find whatever makes you feel good about letting things go).

IMG_6195The only things in this photo that stayed are the bikes.

I found these egg holders with my camping gear. I have very minimal camping gear. Why did I decide egg holders were a must have? Wish I could remember. Hopefully someone else is putting them to good use soon.

Addiction, The Sweet Side

I’m a sugar addict. I know, the truth is bananas! It’s a scary truth, but orange ya glad to unpeel these issues? That’s why I’m raisin it up. We’re all faced with sugar every single day! Every one of us. How do we live with it? How do we live without it :(


This is how I know I’m a sugar addict

  • I gave it up cold turkey and immediately lost 5 lbs
  • Consuming zero foods with zero added sweetener meant my appetite regulated. I wasn’t chronically famished. I ate normal servings.
  • Within two weeks I lost 10lbs!
  • I was still eating A LOT of food, just nothing packaged or with sugar added to it (I still ate a ton of cheese, I ate fats, just not added sugars).
  • When I do eat it, it’s all I want. My lowest point is binge shopping at Whole Foods for tiramisu, whoopi pies, ice cream and Lake Champlain chocolates.
  • I was doing ok. I was eating some good quality chocolates here and there. I thought I could handle myself, then Girl Scout Cookie season hit.
  • I’ve gained 6lbs since those Girl Scouts started selling again. Primary cause for alarm is that I’m exercising more, and the second I start consuming the sugar, fructose, honey, agave, dextrose (and whatever other scariness is in those Girl Scouts’ cookies) the weight just jumps back on. Because eating those foods means I can’t stop eating. Period. I can consume 3,000 calories/day and still want more.
  • Because I CAN’T STOP! Eating processed foods and added sugar really does screw with my brain and my body.
  • When I don’t eat the sugar, I feel fine. I feel regular, balanced, nourished.
  • It will be a lifelong struggle.
  • Thanks to my natural, mother-nature grown friends in the photo up top.
  • Thanks to my parents for being health-food nuts in the 70s (although, this be the reason my adult body can’t handle the sugar).

Color + Light: A study of palette on a winter afternoon.


You ever look around your house?



Not just at the things or the nagging chores, 20140223-125554.jpg

but at the colors . . .



The decorating choices you’ve made . . .


and what the light does when it enters your space . . .


Yesterday was so bright!


Everything looked so different. I had to take some time and watch the afternoon unfold.