Homemade Cards

About an hour ago I got home from a class: Crafter’s Night Out at the Paper Source in Porter Sq. in a jam-packed two hours we made cards, envelopes and a toggle-tie portfolio to store them all in. The theme: new life for old calendars! Oh time. . .

Also shown is an inspiring book about taking your old mail pieces and spinning them into a whole new level, the art of the upcycle.




Burrr, Hot Coffee!

Shopping spree at Barismo yesterday yields ideal Sunday morn–complete with the sun part and a napping cat!

The Barismo folks have been telling me for a while that those common home grinders are actually bruising my beans. Buying into this strange detail (seemingly based on sensitivities), I imagine the flavors of bruised fruit vs. fresh fruit. Suddenly I’m horrified at my coffee-making process and I find it’s time to buy my own burr grinder. One pot in and I’m 100% thrilled with my choice. No bruised beans, yes, but furthermore more it’s a one button-automated system with convenient storage chamber and 40 degrees of grind control!



Desk Week Day 5-Daily Notebook


Leather spiral-bound work journal (originally featured in Desk Week Day 2 – Pens) . I’m finally logging what I do everyday. Now when I wonder, what have I been doing with all my time?, I’ll have a reference and I’ll know. I use the iPad for planning. I still think the mechanics of writing make a beneficial brain exercise, so this journal also provides a way to keep up with that too. I found this one at Paper Source.


Desk Week Day 4-Office Caddy


Sometimes you just want to plunk down in front of the TV to pay bills or write that letter to Grandma. This wooden caddy from Crate & Barrel (designed for cutlery) make the perfect portable desk drawer. I’ve filled mine with pens, markers note cards, a stapler, stamps, and security envelopes. Put on that House Hunters marathon and write your Grandma an Easter card (shucks! I should’ve taken my advice two nights ago.)

Desk Week Day 3-Business Cards

Moo’ve over flimsy paper! I love Moo.com Again, it’s that tactile thing. They make the best self-promotion items. You can upload your own designs, or choose from any of theirs. They have gorgeous choices! The stock feels good enough to never let go of. My first batch was the Green paper they offer. My second the ultra premium (show in that big image below). All in all, both wins with their sharp packaging, not so much with the premium cards though. Seems nice for a card coupon or voucher, and largely overkill for a business card. Being pretty thick with no flex means it’s gonna be a bit high maintenance to whomever’s wallet it ends up in—not always a good thing.

Pretty packaging

Desk Week Day 2-Pens

Pens are fun! Especially felt tips in varying weights. I bought a multi pack with tip types: 01, 03, 05. It’s awesome! I doodle fat, I doodle fine. After that initial break-in period I recall another purchase and I doodle in color too! Now I run errands with 15 pens in my purse! Just in the name of being prepared for creative whims or something. It sucks, but it’s a nice problem to have.


Desk Week Day 1-Paper & Notes

In honor of my new job (starts today!), this week is dedicated to office supplies; pretty ones. Ones you just have to get your hands on. Today is about paper as decor. Here are some fun clearance finds from Anthropologie this post holiday season. I couldn’t resist the embossed textures. Displayed below are gift tags, note cards, and wrapping paper. I have the cards perched with other trinkets on my mantel. I use the pretty paper to cover the back of my open media shelves; it hides ugly cords, while allowing accent light to pass through . . . you know, for mood.



New Clothes

I got a new job! I start next week. When I told my Mom she asked “does this mean you’re gonna get all new clothes?”. Great idea Mom. “Yes.” I said. I went to Helena’s in Arlington (MA). It was a jacket day! Two jersey blazers and a summery summer-dress shrug. These are each examples of what the right cut can do for you. I’ve tried stuff like this before and the result was instant shrunken shoulders, droopy chest and emphasized tummy. Not the case today! Everything feels soft and cozy like sleepwear, yet looks flattering and structured like casual business wear. Three cheers for lunchtime naps in the car!



Anyone ever see that early 80s movie Suburbia, directed by Penelope Spheeris? It was incredibly sad and extremely low budget but it had a really memorable plot line. To this day I still remember that punky boy ranting about putting nails up all over the wall to hang up stuff so it could be found, yet no one was using them. It was an organizer’s monologue as told by a teenage misfit! I never forgot it and I think of him every time I use my hooks. It is my favorite way to organize. Even better, I can justify going high end because the cost of a few nice hooks is still far cheaper than furniture. Also, I hate ironing. So clothes clutter is just fine as long as it doesn’t create wrinkles (aka more work).


Black owl; from a thrift store. Metal hooks with ball tips; Anthropologie. Plastic hooks by 3M, Command. They really work! Truly wonderful piece of product development. I love them for hanging pictures.

Older-world charm. I opted for 3-cute hooks instead of a towel bar in my tiny upstairs bath. The above (and below) are also all from Anthropologie. They have great hooks (and no screws!). I use acrylic paints to match the finish then go over the shiny-silver screws so they blend right it. See below. I got lucky with this one. The brown flecks in the metal work happened to be an exact match to Burnt Sienna. Even if you do a mediocre job, the effort is still worth it since the point is almost all about camouflage, and not craftsmanship.

Nesting Stoneware

Izmir Measuring Cups, Anthropologie. Ornamental and functional these cups are beautiful enough to have just lying around, no need to actually use them. HOWEVER, you should use them because they’re delightfully handy. I admire them for their ongoing visual appeal and usefulness. They nest for easy storage, have cute pinch spouts, markings for measuring and each is a different color and design. I use them for serving nuts and olives—I get to feel fancy without putting in the effort. (The tiniest one is for the pits.) They’d also make for perfect bathroom or dresser accessories.

I never did get to have a set of those nesting Russian dolls when I was a kid, but having these seems to have filled that void.

Spring Birds by Miaow

Lovebirds to celebrate the coming spring! Created by Miaow, Somerville, MA. Find them at local craft fairs or on Etsy. Made from a variety of of traditional suit materials. Each has a unique personality, wings that can pivot (the “hinge” is a button), and can perch comfortably in the palm of your hand. I fell for the undeniable male/female of this couple. Looks just like me and my hubs.



Try some chocolate tea.

Numi makes my favorite teas. Always flavorful, never hurts my stomach. You have to try Chocolate Puerh! It’s too obscure a variety for Whole Foods to carry, but If you live in the Boston area get it at Cambridge Naturals. As the box says its “velvety & vanilla”. Mixes great with cream and honey. A nice low-cal robust treat to shake off the cold ( i know, iknow, mild winter). Puerh is a variety said to be one if the most ancient in tea. Also said to help you burn fat, and ease a hangover.

Numi tea! Shown here with my favorite mug. It’s a one of a kind, made by my friend Belle.


Winter Skin

My skin has been dry, like death and neglect. Yet, I’ve been using a Clarasonic since Jan and I moisturize with Argan oil so I knew it was time to change up my cleanser. Weleda is my new go to brand. Great quality stuff! You’d never know by the price what a value it really is. Since yesterday I’ve been trying out the new Gentle Cleansing Milk formula. It feels reassuringly nourishing as well as calming. 20% off at Cambridge Naturals for a limited time.


French Toast Sunday

Pear and goat cheese stuffed French toast at the Ball Square Cafe, Somerville, MA.


I fell asleep on the couch last night (again). I was attempting to complete a six-season How I Met Your Mother Netflix marathon. I’ve been working on it for a few months now. I must’ve fallen asleep around 2am, woke up at 7:30. Perfect for a filling breakfast outing! Now, taking a cup of tea and back to bed for a late morning nap. Today my husband and I have been married for six years. We’re going to one of our favorite places later tonight. Until then, I shall fast.

Prep Board that Measures

Well, here it is! This is what was in yesterday’s mystery delivery. Every now and then I get these bright ideas to be hyper organized. These boards were discounted 60+% on Fab. So, of course I bought three! One for me, two for gifts. Smart use of surface etching. It has a variety of diameters for rolling out crusts, linear measurement along the side, and a conversion chart in one corner!!! It’s so obvious. All boards should be like this.