Shiz I Bought Today began in 2011 by two friends (Lisa, a graphic designer and Cristina, a social media strategist) who had a similar passion around home decor, clothes and general design stuff.

Time went on, and life evolved. Now this blog is primarily kept up by me (Lisa).

It’s no surprise that with a format like shopping and reviewing, the site eventually morphed into my personal project around minimizing and getting rid of all the surplus that had been crowding my house and my brain.

Today, space has been made and money saved (from not shopping so much) to explore more significant projects around home upgrades.





4 thoughts on “About

  1. Any chance you’re willing to sell your Izmir Measuring Cups from Anthropologie??? Please email me!!

  2. Hi Matt. Thanks for the feedback! Feel free to use the pics of your stuff, a shout out to would be most appreciated. Sorry for delayed reply, been traveling. I always get compliments on my phone case.

  3. Hi there- Matthew from Bison Made. It was great to come across your post- thanks for the kind words! I love the pics you took – would you give us permission to use them? Thanks!


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