American Made My Day

The South End neighborhood, Boston, MA housed a menswear-focused retail event yesterday– American Field. Thirty+ booths of high-end goods, exclusively made in the USA — shoes, bags, shirts, sweaters, wallets, shave straps, iPhone cases, accessories for your bicycle . . . you name it! Whatever it takes to be lookin’ like a gentleman outside of your home. . . Many, such as Randolph Sunglasses, based right here in Massachusetts. Event hosted by local menswear sensation Ball and Buck. It’s the kind of place that makes all us ladies wish they had goods designed for women too.

20121021-004511.jpgBison Made, handmade leather goods takes deliberate design right down to the box (all the best places do). I picked up one of their iPhone cases. It happened to be the same one used by the delightful gals running the booth! Rustic and elegant, of course it was speaking to me. They wrapped it up in the most stunning cardboard box/rubbery sleeve combo. Complete with little product pouch with their brand mark (the bison) embroidered right on it!


Shave straps, wallets and care goods (above). My new case (below). Gorgeous, right? Feels great too.


Nothing goes wasted. The negative — which frames up their box-front logo — creates a positive for an info card.

560 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA (below). Cop guards what will be the stage.


Black Magic Coffee Co Amazing! Yes, the beans did come from USA, (Oregon) The coffee was so smooth. Don’t let my obviously poor hand-eye-photo-taking methods fool you.  I ‘d like to conclude, my iPhone could use a cappuccino too.  And, preferably one from Black Magic. These fellows run a wonderful little cafe — and it’s designed to be wherever you need it.




Randolph Sunglasses


20121021-162937.jpgPolarized aviators (above). 20121021-163042.jpg

Engraving machine doin’ it’s thing (below).20121021-163029.jpg

Paul (below), grandson of a Randolph founder (1972) gave us a great overview of the product and the brand. Watch this factory tour. It truly is a work of beauty.


And it all ends with a walk down the street for my first peek at Bobby from Boston.


Followed by my first meal at The Gallows! Wish I got more pics. The vegetarian sandwich was a score. Super healthy, but not too healthy (just the right portion of cheese and baguette). Rounded out with sweetness from pears, tartness from cranberry sauce and earthy bitterness from the brussel sprouts.


Kickstand coffee

I love this stuff! Learned about it from Last week I placed my second order straight from the source, Aaron Davis creator of Kickstand. Beautifully simple site too.

As you can see it was a hit with the ladies! I’d like to add we did have alcohol. There’s a wonderful white sangria from a Martha Stewart recipe (you can kinda see it in the counter clutter) yet we’re all gathered around the opening of the Kickstand! It was a hit and quite a conversation piece. Plus, nobody added sugar and very few added cream. The quality is just that good.

Burrr, Hot Coffee!

Shopping spree at Barismo yesterday yields ideal Sunday morn–complete with the sun part and a napping cat!

The Barismo folks have been telling me for a while that those common home grinders are actually bruising my beans. Buying into this strange detail (seemingly based on sensitivities), I imagine the flavors of bruised fruit vs. fresh fruit. Suddenly I’m horrified at my coffee-making process and I find it’s time to buy my own burr grinder. One pot in and I’m 100% thrilled with my choice. No bruised beans, yes, but furthermore more it’s a one button-automated system with convenient storage chamber and 40 degrees of grind control!