Hey Baby! Baby shower

The Cupcakes
From Sweet, Harvard Sq. Boston Cream Pie, Red Velvet, Strawberry Shortcake, and special for summer Honey Lemon! (my favorite).

Photo by Liz Scully
Honey Lemon (left) . . . forever on my mind

The Lunch Tent
Festive Mexican party flags from Nomad. Weather tolerant. Reusable. Lots of bang for your party buck. Apparently I love my decor over my own personal vanity (cuz that’s me with the weirdo face int the blue pants).

Photo by Liz Scully

The Favors
Sugar and spice and everything nice! Flowers cut out from recycled calendar (Paper source). Button pin centers from Derby Farm (Arlington, MA). Polka-dot paper straw for a stem. Jar of honey (sugar) tied with cinnamon stick (spice).

Photo by Liz Scully

Let’s open gifts with some AC
Polka-Dot Paper and streamers set the mood.

Photo by Liz Scully

Some general party ideas . . .
1. Create your own tiered cake stand from kitchen items you have on hand. This one has a cake stand base, ruby-red platter, cylinder bud vase, oversized tea-cup saucer. All secured with painter’s tape (easy to remove). Just enough so a bump to the table won’t knock anything over.

2.Toothpick Flavor flags! Use any paper, toothpicks, a little double sided tape and rubber stamps. Make while watching TV. I was practical and stamped out the cake flavors. Sayings connected with the party theme or guest of honor are nice too.

3. Little wishes. Side boat of little paper flags for sending pre-bday wishes. Write a note, hang it on the string above the cake plate. Give to mom-to-be.
These two are also Liz Scully photos.

4. Drink labels. Is that my glass? Ahhh! It is my glass! These are silly bands with button labels (creating continuity with the favors). Unique, easy and thrifty drink labels.